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PrepEd Experts

Vince Kotchian

Leading test prep guru Vince Kotchian is the published author of 9 successful test preparation books. Vince has been teaching GRE and SAT full-time in San Diego for over 8 years.

John Yiseongjoon, PhD

John is the CEO of John's Academy, a successful tutoring school in Australia, and a research physicist at the Australian National University with a number of published academic journals.

Rich Carriero

Rich Carriero has been a teacher, tutor, writer, and consultant in the test preparation industry since 1999. He has over a decade of experience teaching for top test-prep tutoring schools.

Ashwini Nene

Ashwini is one of a handful of people in the world to achieve a PERFECT score on the GRE Exam. She did this using special knowledge and methods, which she teaches in her PrepEd courses.

Philip Geer, Ed.M.

Published author of over 12 leading test prep books, Philip is a world renowned expert on the GRE and SAT. Philip has been helping people prepare for over 20 years and is well known for his many high scoring students.

Jeff Kolby/Nova Press

Jeff Kolby is a world-leading exam prep expert, and the published author of over a dozen books on exam preparation. Jeff is also the president of Nova Press, a leading test prep publishing firm based in California

The PrepEd Team

PrepEd was made possible by our amazing team of talented engineers, designers, marketers, business operators, and writers.


Company founder Marc Slater uses his 15 years of software and online business experience to keep PrepEd moving forward, and spends his free time with his kids, his guitar, and his favorite books.


After receiving a Bachelors in Software Engineering with Honours, Gregory became PrepEd’s server coding guru. He enjoys playing board games, but when the weather’s good, he’s outside rock climbing.


Rick’s decade of experience in marketing and business development makes him an important member of the PrepEd team, and his Shih Tzu and German Spitz dogs think he’s pretty great, too!


Interface design expert, and former computer teacher, Veda creates PrepEd’s websites and graphics, and continues her creativity at her 5-dog home by following art and fashion trends.


Basketball enthusiast Neil is PrepEd’s front end coding guru. He spends many long hours at the computer at work – and at home, he’s still on the computer, playing video games!


Arianna (Yan) won several academic honors before joining PrepEd. Yan brings her knowledge of marketing and investment to the team. In her free time, she enjoys playing basketball and softball.


Anyone who’s been named Programmer of the Year is welcome on the PrepEd team, and Gideon is no exception! At work, he uses a computer keyboard; at home, it’s a piano keyboard.


Having achieved academic success with a Magna Cum Laude in Computer Science, Jomelyn is a vital part of PrepEd’s dev team. She spends her free time playing Scrabble and watching movies.


CPA Elvijane took top honors at university and uses her skills to keep PrepEd’s finances straight. Away from work, she likes to travel, enjoys board games, and plays a mean game of badminton!


Bryan brings a background in risk management and computer technology to the PrepEd roster, and when he’s not at work he’s at home cooking for his baby boy, or out enjoying nature.


Self-described basketball fanatic Oliver is a specialist in online retail business strategies and ecommerce. When he’s not working with PrepEd’s top-rated customer service department, he enjoys travel and photography.


Phil walked from Land’s End to John O’ Groats (1,880km!) before joining the PrepEd team. Phil has over 20 years experience in sales and customer service. He also loves technology and music.


Writer and editor Elizabeth enjoys contributing to PrepEd’s success from wherever she happens to be (France, Italy, Norway, the UK, and the USA most recently). She is also an expert cheese maker.


Serial entrepreneur Paul Hayes has been responsible for launching 3 startups. Paul’s specialty is the creation and of marketing strategy. In his spare time Paul can be found on the Ski slopes in the Swiss Alps.


Since finishing her Linguistics degree, Polina has accumulated 5 years experience as a top blogger, copywriter, and editor. Polina loves to write interesting articles and blog posts. She is also fond of yoga, swimming and travelling.


With his knowledge in quality assurance and coding, Dominique has made sure that eReflect products are top quality. After work, he either plays a computer game, basketball or reads Chinese fantasy novels.


Having a curious mind and a passionate worker, Christian is a great addition to eReflect's dev team. He describes himself as a simple person who enjoys exploring and has a great love for nature.


After graduating with a degree in Business Administration and taking top honors, Lyka has pursued a career in the online community and now contributes to the eReflect team. She loves art, fashion, and handcrafting.