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Why Standardized Tests Are So Important

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The educational system is always under debate and one of the hottest topics could be the standardized tests. With many parents disputing the idea of “standardizing” knowledge and education when all children are so different, there are many benefits to the standardized tests that keep them relevant and a basic requirement for college.

Some of the many benefits includes the objective way to measure students fairly across the board, the proven track records around the world, and tool to push students and teachers to reach a certain level.


Computerized system leaves no room for gray areas. In some educational situations, subjective opinions come into play and can be considered unfair or arguable. With a black and white standardized test there is no gray area. Questions are right or wrong and graded by a computer (aside from any essay portions which are graded separately and dealt with in a different manner). This creates clear guidelines for everyone to follow and adhere to.

Fair across the board

Speaking of clarity and objectivity, the computer-grading system also allows for another enormous benefit. The standardized tests are non-discriminatory as they are a one-size-fits-all deal. So no matter what the test-takers’ background or what part of the city they live in, these tests are mandatory for everyone and consist of the same materials. When looking at things like college acceptance, it is critical to have this neutral option to measure prospective applicants from very diverse backgrounds fairly across the board.

Proven track record for success

Despite the many arguments that surface regarding the standardized testing system, these exams have a proven track record nationally as well as around the world. A lot of countries like China who excel academically have standardized tests implemented in their school systems.

Sets an academic standard

Perhaps the reason countries with standardized tests have successful academic programs and school systems is because they set a standard. These exams lay out expectations for students to reach and create a guideline for teachers to instruct with. For the areas with these particular exams, they can simply look at the material being covered and teach to that. So, with the standardized test you can mold the desired curriculum of your area schools.

Provides key information

Along the same lines, the school systems can use test scores to locate areas where improvement might be needed. Certain schools might be lacking in one area while other schools are excelling in another. School administrators and teachers can take this information and address any issues accordingly and help the students learn the knowledge they need for future success.

Test formats prepare high schoolers for college

One final benefit and another way these standardized tests particularly prepare students for future success is the formatting and challenging nature of the exam itself. Preparing for and taking the advanced exams prepares students for the next level, particularly when looking at high school students taking exams to get into college where they will be constantly tested on an advanced level.

Although many people disagree with the use of standardized tests as the desire to be creative and unique surfaces more and more, the exams have many benefits that are proven and can’t be argued. Instead of stifling creativity, these tests are designed to give schools the best way to prepare students for future success.

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