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What Are The Things You Need In Preparing For An Exam

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You’ve heard it over and over again: preparation is key. When it comes to a life-altering exam like the SAT or GRE, which could determine the fate of your future education and subsequently, your career, this tip could not be more true. The level of preparation will make or break you when test day arrives.

There are many things to consider while preparing for an exam and that includes your study time leading up to the exam as well as preparation for the actual exam day itself. Here are some of the top things you’ll need:

Study materials

Obviously the most important thing you need in preparing for an exam is to actually study. Gather all the material you think you’ll need and get to work studying as early as you can. Some of the items you might need for studying would include but are certainly not limited to:

A computer

A smartphone (if you choose to use some apps, just don’t let it be a distraction)

Study books

Pencils and pens

Notecards and post-its


Water and healthy snack food

Clock, watch or timer to keep you on track

A detailed plan

The study materials will only go so far without a detailed plan in how to use them. Write out goals and objectives for each day leading up to the exam. Make sure the plan covers every area included in the exam, this will help keep you from forgetting to study particular topics.

Your plan should not just break down study time but detail the exam day itself. Figure out exactly what time you need to leave in order to get to the exam early and give yourself plenty of buffer room in case something happens.

Make sure you’ve gone over the test requirements over and over again to familiarize yourself with the time and location so you know exactly when and where to be. If you’ve never been there, it might be worth taking a trip the day before to make sure you can find the room.

Whatever you do leading up to the big test day, organization is going to be key to being successful and maintaining your sanity. A frazzle, unorganized brain will affect your test score and can be avoided by simply gathering the required materials and setting up a detailed plan as discussed here.

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