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Vital Dates And Considerations For GRE 2018

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As you prepare for the GRE, it’s important to look at application deadlines and different exam dates.  Of course, if you’re attempting to apply for a graduate program, you should already be familiar with their own application deadlines.  Give yourself plenty of time to apply for and take the GRE, preferably well in advance of your intended program’s application deadline in case you need to retake the GRE.

Before you pick a date, you’ll need to determine where and how you’ll be taking the GRE.  Most locations, especially within the United State, offer computer-based GRE options only.  However, there are some locations that only offer paper-based tests.  Once you figure out which applies to you, you’ll be able to better determine the best date.

Paper tests are only administered three times a year so your options are much more limited.  Apply to take the test at least two months in advance to try and secure your seat in these limited opportunities.  The tests are generally scheduled for the first Saturday in October, November and February of each academic year and the deadlines for application are at least a month in advance.

Computer-based exams are much more flexible and administered much more often throughout the course of the year.  There are hundreds of locations in more than 160 countries, most of which offer this computer option.  You can take the computer-based GRE once every 21 days but not more than five times in a 365-day time period.  

These are all important aspects to consider when comparing your intended institution’s application deadline and the GRE scores’ turnaround time.  A good general rule of thumb to allow yourself enough time to prepare for, take and possibly retake the exam, and still have enough time for the scores to get to your target school, is to register for the exam approximately four to six months before your school’s application deadline.

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