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Deductive Thinking Skills: Mind Benders

An all-around deductive thinking puzzle book, the Mind Benders: Deductive Thinking Skills, Book 6, Grades 7-12+ is an excellent way to sharpen students’ deduction skills and help them develop their problem-solving skills starting at an early age.

What’s in the Mind Benders?

Mind Benders is a top-selling puzzle book that offers puzzles that aid students in developing their reading comprehension and logic skills. The puzzles also help improve mental skills essentials for grades 7 to 12.

With varied difficulty, the puzzles offer step-by-step instructions and clues on how to solve each puzzle. The student has to implement a strategy where obvious associations are cleared out of the picture first, and then next learn to use those solutions and clues that are harder to arrive at.

Who’s this book for?

Developed by The Critical Thinking Co, Mind Benders is not just for students. The 56 page long book is also an excellent challenge for adults who want to improve or brush up on their mental and deductive skills.

Some students are sceptical at first, but they quickly learn to love the deductive puzzles as they get hooked into solving every puzzle by engaging their critical thinking. The student is called upon to implement a sequential logical process that eliminates possible solutions based on the clues, facts, and associations presented or there to be deduced.

The book is a fun, engaging way to help students develop their critical thinking and reading comprehension. It also ensures students are focused and actively using deductive logic across school subjects and in real life scenarios.

A highly rated deductive puzzle book, Mind Benders Book 6 by Anita Harnadek will entertain and educate parents and children alike and provide some creative, constructive learning time for both.

It’s an essential aid for children who lack good critical reasoning skills, or for children who find conventional means to improving deduction skills flat and uninteresting.

GRE Quantitative Comparisons & Data Interpretation (Manhattan Prep GRE Strategy Guides) Fourth Edition

The GRE Quantitative Comparisons & Data Interpretation by Manhattan Prep offers you a comprehensive review of one of the most demanding and tricky aspects of the GRE test.

The fourth edition of the book features updated content and dozens of new practice questions written by top GRE instructors.

Interestingly, the book is best pictured as two books brought together.

One the one hand, the Quantitative Comparisons part offers you the context; it equips you with a guideline for making sense of the kind of questions to expect in your Math test and instructs you on the top time-saving strategies and techniques that give you the knowledge  of when to spend time running numbers when running numbers is the right thing to do, and when to make estimate calculations to save time.

The second part of the book, The Guide to Data Interpretation, is essentially a presentation of question types you’ll come across in the test, along with instructions on how to interpret graphs and use information gathered from multiple other sources, such as charts, to arrive at conclusions.

Why get this Math Prep Material for your GRE practice?

Along with your purchase of the GRE Quantitative Comparison and Data Interpretation prep guide, you get an one-year access to the online Manhattan Prep online tests that use adaptive technology to help you improve on your weaknesses and raise your score the more you practice.

Lastly, the book also features Check Your Skills quizzes and problem sets for every chapter to allow you to become faster and more accurate when answering the questions.

Students will want to know that, given the fact that the book covers Quantitative Comparison in six chapters but only one chapter is dedicated to Data Interpretation, students with substantial gaps in interpreting charts and graphs might find this more superficial look at the issue to be insufficient.

The book is a great prep guide for your Math test if you already have a basic understanding of concepts and principles, while the 6 practice tests ensure you are fully aware of the demands, risks and opportunities of the test for improving your test through proven strategies.

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GRE Math Prep Course (Nova’s GRE Prep Course)

Nova’s GRE Prep Course for Math is an essential primer for acing your GRE. It features a diagnostic test that quickly allows you to identifies your strengths and weaknesses so you can immediately start on building the necessary know-how and confidence to deal with these gaps. By the time you finish with your prep study you’ll definitely know how to improve your test score.

With 164 examples and 531  practice questions, the book lets you gradually improve upon your strategies and principles following a pattern of increased difficulty. You start off with the easiest practice questions and move one to moderate and hard ones.

This ensures that you achieve two goals. First, you’ll gain an across-the-board mastery of the test. More importantly, you’ll address gaps and weaknesses early on before moving to more demanding problems and strategies.

The publishers assert that their book can replace other test prep material at a fraction of the cost. Based on the simple premise that Math is something you can learn through practice and the right instruction, the book offers the strategies and principles that help students reject incorrect answers, by using rational arguments instead of “gut feeling” to arrive at the right answer.

What’s included

No fewer than 23 chapters offer you an across-the-board review of the GRE Math test. More than 600 exercises and 164 examples ensure you have thoroughly practiced across all areas of the Math test to help you score high at the test.

What makes it different?

The publisher claims that the book can help you achieve a score of 700+ . The sheer number of practice questions and the fact that the book arranges these in order of difficulty makes it one of the most highly-rated Math Prep material for GRE test-takers.

Why buy the GRE MATH PREP course?

This book is a great starting point for your Math preparation, although it lacks the timed-practice tests which are what ultimately gives you a better idea of your overall performance for the test. However, if you’re willing to invest in more prep material and perhaps online tests, definitely consider this book too.

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GRE Analytical Writing: Solutions to the Real Essay Topics – Book 2 (Test Prep Series) (Volume 1) First Edition Edition

Volume 1 of GRE Analytical Writing: Solutions to the Real Essay Topics is actually a complete guide for helping you write better essays and arguments for your GRE.  

This publication teaches you essay writing strategies on how to formulate a strong, valid argument and gives away all the tools and best practices that will help you craft an impressive piece.

What to expect from this book

The Book 2 Volume 1 in the Test Prep Series of Vibrant Publishers is designed cover to cover to thoroughly prepare you for the writing portion of the GRE even if you lack essential techniques and experience on writing a typical essay.

The book offers sample essays for 25 arguments and 25 issues and provides techniques such as how to use historical and literary references and when to employ first-person POV.

Each sample essay comes with tips and prompts to help you understand the process behind essay writing and thus build up your confidence in tackling any issue or argument you might come across on test day.

The authors do more than present solved issues and arguments, although these do give you an overall idea on how to approach and write on similar topics. However, they also offer techniques on producing spot-on responses and avoiding the risk of writing irrelevant or superficially touched-upon answers that get a low score.

By the time you’re done studying this book you will have the confidence and knowledge to write for any Issue or Argument and be ready to employ the right tactic to make your answer as clear and compelling as possible.

Why choose Volume 1 of the GRE Analytical Writing: Solutions to the Real Essay Topics?

This prep guide is highly rated by students who ended up doing well in their GRE Analytical Writing section thanks to the tools and strategies obtained after studying the Real Essay Topics.

It’s a must-have resource if you want to master the basics of analytical thinking and writing for your GRE.  Carefully studying the tactics and strategies presented will help you score higher on your test.

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GRE Chemistry Subject Test Prep Review: Study Guide & Practice Test Questions for the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Chemistry Subject Exam

This Chemistry Prep material by the GRE Chemistry Prep Team is a comprehensive study for both the GRE and ETS exams. It exhaustively covers analytical, organic, inorganic,c and physical chemistry, along with essential principles and test-taking strategies to make the most of each section.

What’s in the book?

The book features practice questions and in-depth explanations so you get the context and rationale rather just the right answer.

This means that instead of having more questions pop up because you cannot fathom the process that helps you arrive at the right answer, the study guide takes you by the hand and explains how you can eliminate the wrong answer and pick the right one. Once you understand this strategy, you’ll be able to apply that knowledge to unknown or new questions with a similar underlying principle come test day.

What makes it different?

Following a high-in-demand approach to GRE studying, this book will help you learn the strategies for managing your test time efficiently, eliminating the wrong answers and making the most of the strategies you’ve learnt to achieve the highest possible score on your Chemistry test.

Why should I buy it?

It covers the Chemistry Subject Test in a satisfactory way.

The practice questions are accompanied by easy-to-follow, detailed answers that identify the strategy you need to follow to arrive at the right answer. But even if you get the answer right, the detailed explanations also serve to refresh your strategies or enrich your pool of strategies with new ones.

With its proven strategies and advice, the book is an essential primer for your GRE or ETS exams. Should you need an original GRE primer, it is highly advisable to accompany your study with other GRE prep material, as this one does not offer you the in-depth focus that other GRE-only materials do. Use it on its own only if you already have above-average Chemistry skills.

If you’re not confident that you’ve got a good baseline knowledge of Chemistry, you’d be better of investing your money in a more systematically structured guide.

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Do Practice Tests Go Out Of Date?

When it comes to learning another language, the more practice the better and there are a lot of practice tests available, do those practice tests ever go out of date?

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Can ESL Students Practice TOEFL Reading Comprehension Questions In Preparing For GRE Exam?

Reading comprehension is often hard for ESL students and that section of the GRE causes a lot of problems; however, the TOEFL also has reading comprehension questions, can students use one test to study for another?

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When Should Student Start Practicing Without A Dictionary?

For the ESL Students, dictionary is an important tool; however, no dictionaries are allowed during the test itself, when should a student start trying to practice without using a dictionary?

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Does A High Math Score Compensate For A Lower Verbal Score?

Graduate level IT and math programs require high scores in the math portion of the test, if a student’s math score is high enough does that compensate for a lower verbal scores?

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The Effect Of Having Opposing Scores In GRE and TOEFL For College Program Application

If someone’s score is high in the GRE and have a low or average TOEFL score, how would that affect how a college program would look at their application?

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