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Most Useful Tricks For Your ACT Preparation

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The ACT is a large milestone to cross and adequately preparing for it can ultimately help high schoolers get into the college of their dreams. There are many things you can do and keep in mind as you prepare to enter exam day that could positively affect your score.

Study, Study, Study

Obviously the best thing you can do in preparing for exam day is reviewing and studying the topics you’ll be tested on. These include English, Math, Science and Reading. Most of the ACT is designed to test what you should’ve learned in school, so it should be a matter of reviewing and getting as familiar with these subjects as possible.

Increase Your Mathematical Chances

The Math section of the ACT can be daunting as it tests a range of mathematical knowledge including algebra, geometry and trigonometry. Plan to go through the questions as quickly as possible and go back to recheck items you think you might’ve gotten wrong. Spending too much time overthinking a problem can be harmful to the rest of the exam, especially if you get hung up early on since the questions purposefully get harder and more in-depth as this section goes on.

Learn to use multiple-choice questions to your advantage as you study. Use logical reasoning to deduce the answer for problems you might not be completely sure of. A final tip to prepare for the Math section is to memorize any formulas you think you might need or might be helpful.

Perfect Your English as Much as Possible

There really isn’t too much preparation or secret tricks to the English section as it’s pretty straightforward and tests knowledge you’ve already learned. Although it’s the section with the most questions, it’s usually the one test-takers get through the quickest. Being familiar with basic grammar and sentence structures will help you ace this section.

Practice Skimming for Reading and Science

Both of these sections are formatted similarly in that you’ll be given a particular passage or set of experimental data and asked a series of questions pertaining to the reading or data. So a trick to preparing yourself for these sections is to find sample questions and practice a technique where you skim over the passage and questions, then go back to read more carefully in order to locate the answers to your questions within the reading.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

One of the best tricks to get you prepared for the ACT is actually to relax and make sure you get some rest prior to exam day. Don’t try and have late-night cram sessions, especially the evening before you’re supposed to go take the test. You’ll need to enter the classroom with a clear and calm mind so get your rest and try to relax.

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