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How To Survive Your First Year Of College (Guest Post)

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Helen Birke

Every year there comes а time when parents are а little sad because their ‘babies’ are moving away for college, to study. As they walk away from their parents, there is a little grin; they are now independent! This time away from their hometown and parents is an excellent time for many individuals, but the issues arise for students when they come to living on their own in college. Many college students will look at living alone like on they have to do cooking and washing all along. Thus, they need to grasp the following tips for college life.

Face your fears

It is pretty normal to have fears because you are a neophyte in this arena. However, you have to realize that if you keep feeding your fear, the more it will grow. And fear is an irrational feeling that we must face and conquer. The college will not give you time to adjust because the clock is ticking forward and it cannot pause. Thus, you have to maximize what little time you have to be able to adapt to your environment.

Learn how to be curious but healthy

If you are always healthily curious about whatever, you are a living example of someone who is keen to learn and grow. You are reading, asking questions, developing a concrete role to play in college, quietly observing on how things are done and going to take risks in trying new things. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. At the beginning it is always complicated, that is why you may need help from educational services or navigate to this smart assignment help.

Set your mental mode to positive

You should clear your thoughts of any negative ideas because once you have chosen a path, you need to go to that specific direction. You will need to have the firm attitude if you wish to be successful and popular in a particular field of investigation. Otherwise, your negative ideas will drag you deeper into the quicksand, and worst is you will have nowhere to go to.

Have a definite plan

For every action you make, it should be from something you see fit and correct according to your devised plan. Some things are way beyond your control and you must create an action plan instead of waiting for incoming call from your mom. If you notice something not suitable for your plan, do not worry at all because it is bound to happen. Following your plan might sometimes prove to be the greatest challenge in your life, but that is it, a challenge you have to face.

Credit card information

Feel certain to have all of your credit card information changed to the proper address. You don’t need any of those outlaw bills that just knock out your credit. Be sure you are on it as these are the years that start your credit rating days. And without decent credit, your life after college may not be as easy as it may seem NOW.

You should never forget about security and protection when you are in your dorm

This is also one of the most useful study tips for college freshmen students. Thieves will try to steal your identity or your credit card information, therefore you should keep valuable information in secret places and keep your door locked at all times. This may seem a little over the top, but an enormous amount of college students had lost items because they didn’t lock their door.

Be the sole controller of your expenses

When you are living at college, it means that you will be the sole controller of your expenses, work, study, essay submission deadlines as well as other not funny things. But, when you get used to all of these it will become easier. It could be a good idea to invest in a fridge and freezer (one of the compact ones), which will allow you to keep products fresh and frozen. And, for those critical snack times, you should buy a microwave when you need to have a hot meal. That is one of the first major things sophomores will advice.

Stay health

Staying healthy in college is quite difficult as there are college students in close vicinity. If you hear that another college student has come down with the flu and is bedridden, then there may be the possibility of you catching it and missing some important parts of your course. Therefore, if you feel unwell and ill, you should visit your college campus health center.

Don’t attempt attending college until you have a clear concept of the type of profession you desire or perhaps possess a general idea. Speak with a career counselor to learn more regarding your choices and invest time to perform a little research concerning various educational institutions, technical programs and educational gadgets. Determine what you are enthusiastic about and locate a college that features an excellent program. In case you are the kind of person that may easily get lost in the competition, then find a small sized college where you should enjoy a more personalized experience.

Do’s and Don’ts as a freshman in College. What is a freshman in college look like?

Put yourself in the right environment:

Students should study where they can’t eat, like the library. Practicing good study routine not only converts to good grades but helps abstain from the freshman. Free food attracts people; party clubs often have a lot of free fatty food to be served. Substituting snacks into the day instead of a large meal can be a smart dieting technique, provided people choose low-calorie, protein rich high-nutrient snacks. But people will tend to do the opposite and munch on to the high-calorie snacks.

Avoid laziness and procrastination:

Laziness is a main cause of obesity. College campuses offer various facilities to move one’s body and exercise, from the gymnasium to jogging trails sports club to just walking tracks. Take help of the break to burn those calories. Students who feel too drained to exercise should look at their life and figure out what’s out of balance. Dancing, swimming, aerobics or any sport that you play, any activity that you do will burn calories.

A college education may cost a ton of money but could result up to a million additional dollars throughout your lifetime. Allow yourself the greatest possibility of accomplishing this by implementing every one of the terrific suggestions offered to you inside this article. All the best and may you succeed.

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