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GRE Vocab Capacity: 2017 Edition

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This is not your average GRE vocabulary practice book. This book gives you a new perspective on learning GRE words – a perspective that’s fun, and easier than conventional methods.

With the 2017 edition recently published (September 2016) of GRE Vocab Capacity, by authors  Vince Kotchian  and Brian McElroy, this book has already been noted as a must-have study resource for people who find it difficult, or merely simply too boring, to learn GRE vocabulary using the old methods. By contrast, this guide teaches you vocabulary through fun conceptual associations.

What makes this book different then?

To make something memorable it needs to create an intense, vivid image in your mind. Now, most GRE vocab books give you run-of-the-mill sentences that don’t really help you remember the actual definition of the word. That’s what this book does differently, and does well.

Through mnemonic devices, or ways of connecting one concept to another so that you can recall the one you want easily and accurately, the book make GRE vocab learning fun again.

Should you get the GRE Vocab Capacity book?

Let me try answering this with an example.

You’re trying to learn the meaning of the word ‘abomination.’ The mnemonic device the book offers as a way to remember that ‘abomination’ means “very bad, awful” is this:

“It is an abomination to bomb a nation.”

Another example is for the word ‘quash’ (which means to completely stop from happening).

The authors say to connect it with another verb: ‘squash’, offering the example below:

“The best way to quash an invasion of ants in your kitchen is simple: squash them.”

Fun, memorable examples such as these help you learn more difficult or seldom-used words, the ones whose definitions, no matter what you do and how many times you practice, you cannot seem able to recall correctly.

With a high rating on Amazon by over 80 individuals, the book is a top choice if you want to make GRE study more fun and effective.

So to answer the question, yes, you should get this!

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