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GRE Study Guide: Lesson, Strategies, and Diagnostic Tests, Kindle Edition

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Varsity Tutors 2016 edition of the GRE Study Guide for Kindle is an essential prep book covering all aspects of the Revised GRE Test.

The digital book contains more than 325 practice questions, a full-length practice test, and over 75 lessons that together thoroughly cover the GRE test.

The 500+ pages long Prep Study Guide covers the Analytical Writing, GRE Verbal Reasoning, and GRE Quantitative Reasoning sections with questions written by experts to help you prepare for each one of them.

The book is downloadable on any e-reader device making it an easy-to-access resource for students that want the convenience of using their study material anywhere, anytime.

Who’s this prep guide for?

Given the breadth of the GRE, the book succeeds at providing a solid introduction to the test that will give you a clear idea of the test’s requirements, challenges, and difficulty level.

It’s a great prep guide for students who want an overall boost to their GRE score. For students with more substantial gaps in knowledge, it’s best for this guide to be complemented with a dedicated Workbook on the section they have the most gaps in.

What makes it different?

The book is available in digital form and for many students, although convenient, this doesn’t help them digest the concepts and strategies presented.

If you’re that kind of learner and someone who prefers the conventional print book, you can opt for a GRE prep guide like Baron’s GRE 21st edition in paperback and Princeton Reviews’ Cracking the GRE with 4 Practice Tests 2016 edition.

The book also offers question strategies and test-taking tips to help you score high across the GRE sections and a full-length practice test with answer keys for every part of the test.

The GRE Study Guide will help you get a clear idea of the GRE essentials and equip you with strategies that save you time, make you a smarter test-taker, and ultimately, help you score high.

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