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GRE Math Prep Course (Nova’s GRE Prep Course)

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Nova’s GRE Prep Course for Math is an essential primer for acing your GRE. It features a diagnostic test that quickly allows you to identifies your strengths and weaknesses so you can immediately start on building the necessary know-how and confidence to deal with these gaps. By the time you finish with your prep study you’ll definitely know how to improve your test score.

With 164 examples and 531  practice questions, the book lets you gradually improve upon your strategies and principles following a pattern of increased difficulty. You start off with the easiest practice questions and move one to moderate and hard ones.

This ensures that you achieve two goals. First, you’ll gain an across-the-board mastery of the test. More importantly, you’ll address gaps and weaknesses early on before moving to more demanding problems and strategies.

The publishers assert that their book can replace other test prep material at a fraction of the cost. Based on the simple premise that Math is something you can learn through practice and the right instruction, the book offers the strategies and principles that help students reject incorrect answers, by using rational arguments instead of “gut feeling” to arrive at the right answer.

What’s included

No fewer than 23 chapters offer you an across-the-board review of the GRE Math test. More than 600 exercises and 164 examples ensure you have thoroughly practiced across all areas of the Math test to help you score high at the test.

What makes it different?

The publisher claims that the book can help you achieve a score of 700+ . The sheer number of practice questions and the fact that the book arranges these in order of difficulty makes it one of the most highly-rated Math Prep material for GRE test-takers.

Why buy the GRE MATH PREP course?

This book is a great starting point for your Math preparation, although it lacks the timed-practice tests which are what ultimately gives you a better idea of your overall performance for the test. However, if you’re willing to invest in more prep material and perhaps online tests, definitely consider this book too.

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