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GRE Chemistry Subject Test Prep Review: Study Guide & Practice Test Questions for the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Chemistry Subject Exam

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This Chemistry Prep material by the GRE Chemistry Prep Team is a comprehensive study for both the GRE and ETS exams. It exhaustively covers analytical, organic, inorganic,c and physical chemistry, along with essential principles and test-taking strategies to make the most of each section.

What’s in the book?

The book features practice questions and in-depth explanations so you get the context and rationale rather just the right answer.

This means that instead of having more questions pop up because you cannot fathom the process that helps you arrive at the right answer, the study guide takes you by the hand and explains how you can eliminate the wrong answer and pick the right one. Once you understand this strategy, you’ll be able to apply that knowledge to unknown or new questions with a similar underlying principle come test day.

What makes it different?

Following a high-in-demand approach to GRE studying, this book will help you learn the strategies for managing your test time efficiently, eliminating the wrong answers and making the most of the strategies you’ve learnt to achieve the highest possible score on your Chemistry test.

Why should I buy it?

It covers the Chemistry Subject Test in a satisfactory way.

The practice questions are accompanied by easy-to-follow, detailed answers that identify the strategy you need to follow to arrive at the right answer. But even if you get the answer right, the detailed explanations also serve to refresh your strategies or enrich your pool of strategies with new ones.

With its proven strategies and advice, the book is an essential primer for your GRE or ETS exams. Should you need an original GRE primer, it is highly advisable to accompany your study with other GRE prep material, as this one does not offer you the in-depth focus that other GRE-only materials do. Use it on its own only if you already have above-average Chemistry skills.

If you’re not confident that you’ve got a good baseline knowledge of Chemistry, you’d be better of investing your money in a more systematically structured guide.

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