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Forcing or Staying Motivated in the Best Ways to Study

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No one really enjoys studying. The act of preparing for an upcoming exam can be so overwhelming and negatively viewed that just getting started can take an enormous effort and continuing to study until the end can seem almost impossible.

Motivation is key to a successful study session and certainly to a thorough study plan that will prepare you from beginning until the end when you walk in and take your exam. Since motivation for a task as not fun as studying might not come naturally, test-takers should familiarize themselves with ways to get and stay motivated.

Can you force motivation?

You might be surprised to find out you can actually force yourself to get motivated, even in studying for an upcoming exam. The key to getting started is just that, get started. You can (usually) force motivation in the following ways.

Get started, regardless of whether you want to. If you sit down and force yourself to get started, the process will work itself out and motivation to continue and get into your studying will come eventually.

Begin by making a plan. If you don’t know where to begin studying, making a plan can be the best place to start. Motivation will definitely come as you set and make prepared certain milestones. Mapping out your study plan and setting these goals will help you get motivated.

Start small. Taking small, easily surmountable steps can help you get the motivation ball rolling. When you need to start studying, you can start with a small first step, like studying five vocabular words for a few minutes. Then add on small steps a little at a time.

How can you stay motivated?

Whether you’ve had to force your initial motivation or it came surprisingly natural, staying motivated until the end can be equally if not more challenging. If staying motivated is becoming a problem, here are some tips and tricks to help along the way.

Picture the end result. Once you get started, you’re already on a journey to a successful completion of a very important goal, thoroughly preparing yourself for one of the most important exams you’ll ever take. Reminding yourself of the end result can help you to stay motivated as you chip away at your study plan.

Take much-needed breaks. While you might not want to break up the motivation after you’ve gotten on a roll, getting up and taking a break is vitally important, not just to the overall study efforts, but specifically to keeping your motivation fresh. Get up and move your body when you can or do the opposite and take a quick power nap. It might even be helpful to set a timer as you study so you know you can throw yourself into your efforts completely, knowing you’ve got a well-deserved break coming up in 10 minutes or so.

Incorporate motivational media. From videos to music to posters, people have created endless products to help boost motivation. Surround yourself with these inspirational images and audio to help keep your own mind on the right track and continue pushing yourself to the best of your ability.

Whether you’re forcing motivation or looking for ways to keep it on track one thing is certain, finding and honing that motivation will be key to performing your absolute best during your exam preparations and therefore, on the exam itself.