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Deductive Thinking Skills: Mind Benders

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An all-around deductive thinking puzzle book, the Mind Benders: Deductive Thinking Skills, Book 6, Grades 7-12+ is an excellent way to sharpen students’ deduction skills and help them develop their problem-solving skills starting at an early age.

What’s in the Mind Benders?

Mind Benders is a top-selling puzzle book that offers puzzles that aid students in developing their reading comprehension and logic skills. The puzzles also help improve mental skills essentials for grades 7 to 12.

With varied difficulty, the puzzles offer step-by-step instructions and clues on how to solve each puzzle. The student has to implement a strategy where obvious associations are cleared out of the picture first, and then next learn to use those solutions and clues that are harder to arrive at.

Who’s this book for?

Developed by The Critical Thinking Co, Mind Benders is not just for students. The 56 page long book is also an excellent challenge for adults who want to improve or brush up on their mental and deductive skills.

Some students are sceptical at first, but they quickly learn to love the deductive puzzles as they get hooked into solving every puzzle by engaging their critical thinking. The student is called upon to implement a sequential logical process that eliminates possible solutions based on the clues, facts, and associations presented or there to be deduced.

The book is a fun, engaging way to help students develop their critical thinking and reading comprehension. It also ensures students are focused and actively using deductive logic across school subjects and in real life scenarios.

A highly rated deductive puzzle book, Mind Benders Book 6 by Anita Harnadek will entertain and educate parents and children alike and provide some creative, constructive learning time for both.

It’s an essential aid for children who lack good critical reasoning skills, or for children who find conventional means to improving deduction skills flat and uninteresting.