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Vince Kotchian

Leading test prep expert Vince Kotchian is the published author of 9 successful test preparation books. Vince has been teaching GRE and SAT full-time in San Diego for over 8 years.

John Yiseongjoon, PhD

John is the CEO of John's Academy, a successful tutoring school in Australia, and a research physicist at the Australian National University with a number of published academic journals.

Rich Carriero

Rich Carriero has been a teacher, tutor, writer, and consultant in the test preparation industry since 1999. He has over a decade of experience teaching for top test-prep tutoring schools.

Ashwini Nene

Ashwini is one of a handful of people in the world to achieve a PERFECT score on the GRE Exam. She did this using special knowledge and methods, which she teaches in her PrepEd courses.

Philip Geer, Ed.M.

Published author of over 12 leading test prep books, Philip is a world renowned expert on the GRE and SAT. Philip has been helping people prepare for over 20 years and is well known for his many high scoring students.

Jeff Kolby/Nova Press

Jeff Kolby is a world-leading exam prep expert, and the published author of over a dozen books on exam preparation. Jeff is also the president of Nova Press, a leading test prep publishing firm based in California

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